About Me

First and foremost I am a father to my children and a husband to my wife. That is most definitely who I am. Beyond that…

I am someone who loves to figure how things work. My mind craves the “why”. My parents told me that as a kid, I use to take apart my toys and try to put them back together, something I continue to do I guess, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. The photo above is of my family and me, minus our 20-year-old, who like me when I was his age is too cool for the group photo…LOL (I kid, he was not present at the function this photo was taken).

My wife and I both share the same number of siblings, as book ends of our respective families, she the oldest of her siblings and I the youngest of my siblings (oh wait, reverse that, I’m the oldest and she is the youngest). She probably doesn’t realize it, but she is my world (next to our children of course).

The Importance Of Service To Others

I have had many experiences in life, much of which has molded me into who I am today. My father was a United States Marine who served and was wounded in Vietnam, earning a purple heart. We lost him in October 2015, I miss him terribly. Our family has always had a strong tie to the military, I myself enlisted in the Navy when I was 19, I have a sister who is a Command Master Chief in the Navy with about 20 years of service, and her son (my nephew) followed along in our footsteps enlisting in September 2016. I love this country, and I truly believe it is important that anyone who feels the same, give back to it in some way. Whether it is military service, serving in law enforcement, fire department, healthcare, or Education, giving back to the community is the greatest gift one could ever hope to give. To anyone that has served in some way – Thank you for your service.

My Professional Life

I have been in sales my whole life. My sales career started in 1993 at Chatfield Dean & Co, a penny stock firm based out of Englewood, Colorado. I was hired in their Orlando, Florida office and trained to pass the Series 7 and Series 63 exams (which I aced, thank you very much). I remember my first day, I arrived at 7:00 am that first Monday morning, was shown to my desk where I was given my lead list from which I would make my calls daily, two Yellow Pages directories – one for Orange County and one for Seminole county. So began my trial by fire. From there I would go on to work for MassMutual Life Insurance in their investments department where I learned the intricacies of the order entry system, taking stock orders from the field agents and relaying them to the order processing desk at our clearing firm. This was fun for a while, but eventually I got bored with being an order taker and decided I needed to have a greater role in the sales process. This concluded my life as a Wall Street trader (or so I thought) after spending a year in a “Boiler Room” setting, and then another year with the McDonald’s of Investment services.

The next stop in my sales career would bring me to a small Chrysler Dealership in Sanford, Florida. Yes, car salesman (I was digging to a new low instead of elevating myself… LOL, I kid of course). If I am being completely honest with myself, it is here where I really learned how to sell. Surrounded by a sea of old dogs (disbarred attorney, censured  former CPA, mob bookie, veteran car salesmen, etc.) with personal history and knowledge that they couldn’t help themselves but share. It was from this collection of unsavory but absolutely lovable characters that I learned the hustle. Being the morally centered individual I am (thank you mom and dad), I was able take the experience they shared that was helpful and discard the unsavory (well for the most part that is, I did push the envelope as far as my conscience would allow). I quickly made a name for myself and the owner of the dealership took notice and took me under his wing and within 8 months I was running the Finance & Insurance office, probably the most fun I have ever had in any job I have ever worked!

My next venture was my first into the mortgage industry. This position challenged my moral compass more so than any other I have held in my career. The company I worked for was headquartered on Biscayne, Blvd in Miami Florida (name intentionally omitted) and looking back, was a hotbed of predatory lending. Thankfully, due to personal issues occurring in my life, I stayed only a year with them before heading back north to Massachusetts where my family was.

My first venture into Property & Casualty insurance landed me at The Hartford. Overall a great company and one I learned a great deal from. However, I was already bitten by the money bug from working in the Mortgage industry and after spending 18 months selling Auto, Home and Umbrella policies, I landed a sweet gig with a great mortgage company.

Enter Norwest Mortgage – many probably don’t recognize the name, but they were a pretty big mortgage player in the late 90’s. So much so that they bought out Wells Fargo Bank and retained the name. I spent 3 years working at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and business was booming! I would spend a total of 8 years in this industry working for some big names in the industry – Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase as well as a Boston-based local bank Wainwright Bank. These were, to date, my best years from a financial standpoint. I did begin to see a dark cloud forming over the industry and I pulled the chute.

I spent the next 7 years in Healthcare. I would manage a respiratory center for one of the largest DME Home care companies in the country at the time, Lincare. This was my second leadership role and a very humbling experience. It was in this role that I truly learned the importance of putting people before business. It wasn’t easy, but with the team that I had working with me, we achieved the success we needed to remain masters of our destiny (in other words, corporate left us alone as long as we kept producing).

Two years ago, I walked away from it all. My dad had just passed away and I pretty much decided to hell with it all. At this time I had been learning to day-trade (circling back to my former Wall Street days) for about a year and a half. I had experienced a decent amount of success up to this point so I wasn’t worried about walking away from corporate America. I would spend the next two years trading the futures market, learning a great deal in the process, thanks to some excellent mentors that were willing to provide the education that allowed me to find success.

Being the social creature that I am, I did find that the life of a day trader was a solitary one, and I did miss interacting with people. My trading style was such that it was mostly on autopilot and I did not need to devote hours upon hours of my day any longer. Essentially I had a ton of free time on my hands. I was approached with an excellent opportunity and after careful consideration I felt it was one that I could not refuse.

I am now on my second go around in the personal lines insurance industry, this time with an Independent Agency. I have a great team and the future looks exceptionally bright! Best of all, I am still able to continue my day trading uninterrupted because of my style of trading. It has been a long journey, but I think I finally feel as if I am doing what I am meant to do.

My Goal For This Blog

Obviously with my new venture, I plan on leveraging this medium to provide education on a topic that so many people misunderstand. One of the biggest misconceptions I have come across in these very short few weeks this time around, is that Insurance is a scam. While I can see how some may draw that conclusion, I can assure those of you reading this that this perception is a false one. My intention is to tackle this very impassioned subject head on and provide myself as a resource for anyone out there with an open mind.

Another goal I have for this blog is to share the knowledge I have gained over the last several years on day trading. I plan on introducing in the pages of the site the resources that I learned from and most importantly to introduce one of the best trading communities I have ever come across. Definitely something to look forward to. Off course I offer up myself to answer any questions on any of the trading related material that I post within my blog.

This site is a work in progress and I appreciate everyone’s patience as I also have a family of my own that I need to be fair to as well (pictured at the top of the page). I think overall, you will find that I am very generous with my time and I thoroughly enjoy helping people in any  way that I can.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world, to learn a little about me. I have enabled commenting through social media throughout the site, as well as included links to my social media accounts, please share your thoughts with me and allow me to learn more about you. I wish you all a good journey.

Best Regards,