Back in 2004 I decided to ditch my traditional telephone land line with Verizon and I signed up for Service through Vonage, a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone provider. In the 13+ years that I have had Vonage as my telephone provider I have never had an issue with quality or service. However, as was the case with Verizon prior to switching, the monthly costs for having a landline service kept creeping up and up ever so subtly. The only justification for even having a landline is that we have two school age children, and didn’t want to have to change our phone numberRead More →

It’s been one week and 4 days since the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing and I think I’m finally realizing that I have been in a funk for the last 11 days. It has been a really tough year for me in general, but I think that as that date was getting closer I found I was isolating myself more. So if you are reading this and you feel that I have been somewhat distant socially, it’s not you it was definitely me.Read More →