Back in 2004 I decided to ditch my traditional telephone land line with Verizon and I signed up for Service through Vonage, a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone provider. In the 13+ years that I have had Vonage as my telephone provider I have never had an issue with quality or service. However, as was the case with Verizon prior to switching, the monthly costs for having a landline service kept creeping up and up ever so subtly. The only justification for even having a landline is that we have two school age children, and didn’t want to have to change our phone number with the myriad of contacts required if a move to ditch the landline altogether was made (i.e. school, pediatrician, dentist, etc.).

Then one day a Facebook and Twitter friend posted about a company called Ooma. His claim was that you could get a high quality voip telephone service, that was compatible with your existing landline telephone equipment, and only have to pay the taxes for the service each month. Had this come from any other source I would have dismissed the claim as “Fake News”! Nevertheless, I did my own due diligence and after spending a considerable amount of time researching the company, I decided to make the switch.

Ooma Telo

If you are not familiar with how voip works here is a little primer on what you need to do.

To connect your standard landline telephone devices to your voip provider you will need an adapter that connects to your home cable/dsl modem. This device serves to route all of your phone calls (inbound and outbound) via the internet. The device is called the Ooma Telo.

You do have to purchase the Telo as it is not a rental device for this company, nor is it provided as a free item with a contract term like Vonage does. The price of the Telo as listed on the company’s web site is $99.99, after that it’s nothing but taxes and savings!

Service Tiers

The basic account Ooma offers is called “Ooma Basic”. With this service level you get a very robust set of features comparable to what you would expect from your traditional landline provider. Features such as:

  • Unlimited calling within the United States
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Return (*69)
  • 911 Service
  • Standard Voicemail (includes One-touch voicemail access and remote voicemail retrieval)
  • Caller ID (including Caller ID blocking)
  • …and more

There is an option to upgrade to the Ooma Premier which expands upon the above features by providing you with a second dedicated phone number (a great option for a fax machine if you have a Small Home Office) along with additional features all for a monthly price of $9.99 or Annual subscription of $119.88 which includes a free number port (39.99 value).

To recap, the Ooma basic service is free, you only pay the monthly taxes; the Ooma Premier service will cost $9.99 a month plus the monthly taxes. I just paid for my first month and true to their word, I only paid the taxes (image below).



Based on my first month’s billing, I am poised to save $34.89 a month, an annual savings of $418.68. All in all I am happy with the service and I am extremely happy with the savings.

Are You Ready To Save Too?

If you are interested in saving just like me, check out Ooma at this link Ooma Referral Link . If you purchase an Ooma Telo using this referral link we both get an Amazon Gift Card valued at $20.


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